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PGT - Round Three: Alexander vs. Benny
    "And on your left, is Lake Valor! It may not look like much, since it was desecrated by Team Galactic years, but I assure all of you: it has been remodeled and is one of the most renowned battling locations in Sinnoh!"
    Indeed, the lake looked like nothing more than a gaping crater in the earth. As trainers rushed over to the left side of the boat, Alexander heard whispers course through the wind.
    "I hear that there used to be a legendary here!"
    "Yeah, but it allied itself with a trainer that was pure in spirit. It's really a shame. I wouldn't be too opposed to meeting my first legendary."
    Alexander closed his eyes thoughtfully. He had seen a legendary, even if it was a fleeting glimpse of one. He shook his head. No, it probably wasn't a legendary, although the blue triangle on the Pokemon's chest seemed familiar. He turned his attention to the announcer, who had begun speaking about the battles that would b
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The Princess and I
       Another day in my cage. Another day in a dark corner of the dungeon. Another day of boring, boring life. I snorted tiredly, watching the aimless stream of smoke drift up to the ceiling, which couldn’t have been more than a foot or two above my head. My tail occasionally flicked back and forth, exhibiting the most lethargic energy that I ever had in the dark basement that I had lived in for the past twenty years. To an outsider, I would look like a large, dusty hill, or a massive pile of dull, brown scales. Either way, I was a dragon, trapped under the castle of the king, and feeling more bored than I had in a while.
       I started to count my scales, which I had done yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. That took a couple hours, as I had exactly 20,326 scales. Each individual scale was thoroughly covered in dust and each held a various shade of dull, dusty, brown. I sighed. It was going to be a long day. Aft
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The Final Chime
    It was a dark and stormy night. The shadowed clouds blew through the sky, attempting to escape the impending doom that fell upon the world. The wind howled like mothers mourning their children — loud, desolate, fearful. The trees and plants swayed unsteadily through the wind, chancing the fall that would come with a sickening crack. The sense of trepidation was upon the earth, and the darkness enclosed the land like a predator cornering its prey. The shadows came, without a sound, without emotion, without mercy.
    Suddenly, and ostrich on roller skates wielding two flaming torches while juggling five tennis balls flew across the sky.
    Somehow, it was still a dark and stormy night.
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PGT - Round Two: Alexander vs. Sebastian
    Alexander sleepily watched the announcers proclaim the next round of the Grand Tour. It was an overcast day, and he watched someone yawn quietly as the meaningless words swept over the crowd of tired, gray people. Alexander caught the words "contest", "appeal round" and "opponents", as the bright warble of the announcer faded away. Suddenly, the impact of the words hit him.
    "Wait," Alexander called out, his voice quavering through the audience, "we have to perform?"
    The announcer smiled reassuringly towards Alexander's general direction.
    "Well, it's mostly your Pokemon who will be performing, but yes, you will have to be on stage as well. It wouldn't do for you to shout your orders from backstage. I guess you would have to do something to look presentable within the appeal round. But don't worry, we aren't judging you on your dance skills."
    Alexander frowned. The crowd murmured as dispersed, each
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White Light
    I was about nine years old when I went to a ranch for the first time. It was a pretty small place, as the ranch only contained about three horses. There were two mares and one stallion. How did I know that? I checked, obviously.
    I was there with my sister, Mary. Mary was my twin, and we had a special connection. She really loved horses. I remember watching her draw equine after equine, trying to portray the life that each horse had while running. In my opinion, horses were all right. They weren't my favorite animal or anything, but I could tolerate them. That's why I agreed to go visit my grandparents' ranch with Mary. 
    I believe it was evening when my sis and I arrived at the ranch. Mary immediately went out to see the horses. After spending a day in the car, I was glad to stretch out my feet. I surveyed the land, noting the ranch being next to a large forest. I made a mental note to explore that area later. Then I joined my sister,
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    The crackling of fire and the insufferable heat was what woke me up. I inhaled the intense scent of the inferno, but with a hint of something else. Death. My eyes shot open. I was laying in the center of what seemed to be a battlefield, or at least what used to be one. I coughed as I sat up, my eyes stinging from the smoke in the air. Bodies. They were everywhere. Young ones, old ones, both men and women. The corpses that lay nearest to me were blackened by the fire, half burnt by the dying sparks. The last remnants of fire licked up at any sign of life still left in the earth. I watched as a young sapling exploded into flames, letting off multicolored sparks that spread to what was left of the ground.
    I didn't like this place. The air felt angry, vicious, and sad, all at the same time. I slowly got up, praying that no bodies would suddenly rise up from the dead along with me. Fear crept into my heart as I slowly backed away from the desolate land that lay b
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From the Ashes
    Dear Lucian,
    I know you haven't seen me in a while, and I miss you greatly. I've been doing pretty well here, in my own little world. I even got a job as an animal doctor. It helps to know a bit of alchemy on the side, especially when a very sick beast confronts me. Anyway, that's all I have been doing lately. So—
I looked up. Standing in front of me was a young man with blonde hair and a dark blue backpack. He awkwardly coughed, holding out a black folder to me. I mentally slapped myself. I didn't even hear the doorbell ring to signal that people came into my clinic. How long had he been standing here anyway?
    "Um, hello," I remarked, "can I help you?"
    The boy's eyes went straight to the ground as he answered me.
    "I'm here to apply for a job."
    My eyebrows raised. I had only put the "assistance needed" poster up a day ago. He must have been searching for a j
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Friends Never Say Goodbye
       Grant woke up to the clamorous sound of both his alarm clock and his cell phone ringing at the same time. Groaning, he turned over in his bed and slapped his alarm clock vaguely until it finally stopped making noise. Yawning, he sat up and rubbed his eyes. The rays of sunshine permeated through Grant’s window, lighting up his lightly colored skin. Grant pushed his messy brown hair out of his eyes. Finally, he picked up his phone and answered it.
       “Grant Kale here.”
       “Oh, thank goodness,” a male voice cried out, “I’ve been calling for the past half hour. Where have you been?”
       “Um... sleeping. Like a normal person.”
       Grant looked at his clock. It read 8:00. Yawning again, he noted that it was a Saturday. There wasn’t a swim meet. No practice either. In fact, this was a pretty empty Saturday ac
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Team Requiem
       Blackness surrounded the Vulpix as he growled menacingly towards the darkness. A burst of flame escaped his mouth as he readied himself for the battle. Through the still night, the only sound that broke the silence was the murmur of wind blowing through the grass. The Vulpix eyed his surroundings. All was still.
       Suddenly, a shadowy figure burst from the tall grass, roaring a sound that split the night. The Vulpix shifted its stance, but otherwise did not move. His eyes narrowed.
“What do you want?”
       The figure paused for a second, its glinting, feral eyes gleaming in the darkness. It snarled.
“I want you… to breathe your last breath, with my claws stained with your blood.”
       A small grin appeared on the Vulpix’s mouth as he snorted a cloud of steam.
“Not going to happen.”
       The savage eyes in the darkness narro
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Round One: Alexander vs. Kai
       It was a warm, sunny day as Alexander walked up the gangway of the S. S. Grand Tour. Wingulls soared over the port as an odd Pelipper or two dove for the Magikarps in the blue water. Alexander had never been on a cruise ship before, although he couldn’t say the same for some individuals he saw lugging large suitcases up the gangway. Eyeing the crowds of people warily, he handed his ticket to the ticket collector and entered the massive cruise liner.
       As he walked into a ballroom full of chatting trainers and pokemon, Alexander slowly walked across the room, flinching every time someone brushed against him. As he reached the other side of the room, he found a kiosk covered with brightly colored posters and banners promoting the Grand Tour.
"I knew you would make it."
       Alexander peered into the kiosk to find an Espeon sitting behind the counter. Judging by its comment, it was the same one that too
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I Dreamed a Dream
I dreamed a dream in the night,
That a dragon came to me
And told me I would be alright
In hardship he'd foresee.
He told me of my mother's death
And sadness soon to come,
But he'd protect me through the night
And shield me from the storm.
He nodded and then turned away,
As if to fly away,
But I asked him what he meant
I asked if he could stay.
He turned towards me and sighed a breath
That shook me to the core
"I'm always in your heart, young one
Now, and evermore."
He disappeared into the black
As I called out to him
But he did not return that night
Maybe he was a whim?
Waking up, I shook it off
And went to see my mum.
She'd been sick for quite a while,
And things were looking glum.
The memory stayed in my mind
One thing I'll not forget.
My mother's smile upon her face
And her saying "Don't fret."
She never woke up from her sleep
And I wept wretched tears.
The dragon came in quiet night
And kept me from my fears.
I cried upon his shoulder
I let my sorrows fall
And in the early morning
:iconbluearceus:Bluearceus 0 0
PKMN-GrandTour Audition Round
           Alexander’s eyes squinted past the glare of the arena. He surveyed the area. It was a rectangular Pokémon arena, complete with the pokéball logo in the center. He had finally made it to the Elite Four Championships. Alexander suddenly became aware of the cheers and shouts of the members of the audience. He straightened his bandana and released his Pokémon.
“Alright,” he said to them, “you guys ready for a battle?”
        A chorus of Pokémon cries answered him, along with the telepathic voice of his Espeon.
“Xander, you don’t need to reassure yourself by asking us if we are ready. We are ready, so get on with it.”
        Alexander faced his Espeon and crossed his arms.
“So what if I’m nervous? This is the Elite Four. Many trainers have come to this same point and failed.”
“Those many trainers haven’
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Alexander Sullivan - Hoenn Nuzlocker by Bluearceus Alexander Sullivan - Hoenn Nuzlocker :iconbluearceus:Bluearceus 1 5 Rose of Sharon by Bluearceus Rose of Sharon :iconbluearceus:Bluearceus 0 0 Latios and Latias by Bluearceus Latios and Latias :iconbluearceus:Bluearceus 0 0 Here Comes the Sun by Bluearceus Here Comes the Sun :iconbluearceus:Bluearceus 0 0


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I haven't really been on dA lately, but I'm attempting to get over my summer hw and activities, and hopefully I can submit some stuff later. Here's the answers to the questions on the dA Birthday post.  
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

    -I've been on for about 2.... Years...? I don't really remember when I started, but it's pretty long for my standards  

  2. What does your username mean?

    -Bluearceus is my online name ever since I went on the internet world. Frankly, I chose my favorite color, and since Umbreon was already taken, I might as well go with the creator of the Pokemon universe. I like Pokemon.

  3. Describe yourself in three words.

    -Bookworm, Musician, Loyal

  4. Are you left or right handed?

    -Lefties for the win!

  5. What was your first deviation?

    -It was some drawing I posted using the Talkboard app. Honestly, I'm not proud of the results.

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

    -Literature. I could never go far as a painter of drawer.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

    -Art with simple colored pencils would be pretty cool.

  8. What was your first favourite?

    -No idea. I only favorite stuff when I want to go back or reread a great story.

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

    -I tend to like visual art, since it's easier to go back to. I am extremely judgemental with literary art.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

    -No favorites. I don't judge by art style. I judge by specified works of art. 

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

    -Probably :iconreel123:

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

    - :iconreel123: got me on dA. That impacted my life.

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

    - Words!

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

    -Actually, a lot of my ideas come whenever I go to church. Of course, it's rare that any of my ideas come into play, since I never have time to write stuff down.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

    -I loved reading and my favorite memories come when I hit upon a truly good story.

 Have a great summer, everyone! (anyone who reads this ^^)


So basically I'm doing homework all the time and stuff. Currently, I have a proposal paper to analyze the works of O'Connor (which is a real pain) as well as the annotated bibliography for the essay. My only hope for this week is the orchestra trip I'm going on. Hopefully I can write something during then? I mean... maybe?

I mean...


probably not...

  • Listening to: All sorts of Pokemon remixes
  • Reading: A Dog's Journey
  • Watching: Avatar (for the 9th time?)
  • Playing: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (have nuzlocked to the EF)
  • Eating: Uh... soup?
  • Drinking: Heh, gatorade
Ayyyy I'm starting a new series. It features mythical creatures and stuff. Hopefully I can continue it along with sports and school. But hey, if you are in the neighborhood of checking out my stuff, look at Myths and Legends. Or at least I think I named it something like that. Yeah.


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